Custom means Custom

Your-T exists to provide fully customised kits for you and your team.

As well as changing the colours of our designs, you can also change:

Every detail of our kits can be changed from the style, colour, collar, logos, badges etc...

Here we detail just a few of the things you can change, but if there's something else you want, don't hesitate to ask!

Names & Numbers

Nothing is better than seeing your name on the back of your new shirt.


At Your-T, we've spent a lot of time creating a number of great styles so your opponent will know exactly who has just scored past them!

From retro to modern, we've got something for everyone.

Simply select your style and tick the box on the enquiry form


Life would be boring if all kits were the same!

We've created 3 different collar styles that help make each kit individual.

Simply scroll the list on the right and tick the box for the one you want on the enquiry form.

Don't like what you see?  Contact us and we'll meet your needs.



At Your-T, there's no extra charge for sponsor logos and club badges.

Simply send us your logos and we will incorporate them into a mock-up of your kit.

Don't have a club badge?  Our expert team can create one for you!

Get in touch today to see how we can help you!


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